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Over the last few months PennDOT and its design team were coordinating with Agencies and stakeholders, advancing preliminary engineering, and working to complete the environmental documentation for the Environmental Assessment (EA) required under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).  Environmental approval is granted by FHWA before the project can enter final design. The EA addresses potential environmental, social, cultural, and economic impacts of a proposed project and how FHWA and PennDOT will avoid, minimize, or mitigate for impacts or will enhance the community that is impacted.  In this document, the preferred alternative (or where the roads or intersections are going to be located) is selected by considering all information gathered and analyzed during preliminary engineering. The associated preliminary engineering plan of the Preferred Alternative will be the starting point for final design.

PennDOT held a public hearing on October 1st and has now concluded the 45 day public review period as of October 11th.  PennDOT and the design team want to thank everyone who attended and participated in the hearing or provided comments on the EA.


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PennDOT needs input from citizens like you, in order to evaluate alternatives and design solutions that will make I-83 a better route to travel for everyone. Please use the comment form below to provide any concerns of which you would like for us to be aware.

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