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Through the neighborhood meetings in February 2019, PennDOT received feedback about access issues due to the proposed conversion of East Philadelphia Street to a one-way road.  The original design would require trucks to navigate through the Spring Garden neighborhood to access Market Street or North Belmont Street.  The team went back to the drawing board and met with Spring Garden Township officials to hash out local access needs and concerns.  The refined proposal restores two-way travel to East Philadelphia Street and provides access to North Belmont Street.  To manage access for

the neighborhood, PennDOT is proposing to cul-de-sac the local streets at North Belmont Street. 

This will prevent trucks and cars from using those roads as a shortcut.  Where the exit ramp meets

East Philadelphia Street, PennDOT will consider a radar speed sign to help enforce the 25 mph speed limit into the neighborhood.

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