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The Interstate 83 Corridor from Exit 19 to Exit 22 is defined by densely developed corridors and heavy traffic demand. PennDOT has maintained this section of I-83 since its construction in 1958 with pavement patching, overlays, and bridge rehabilitation to extend its service life. Improving traffic flow and updating the design to handle today's and tomorrow's traffic flows safely is necessary.

The primary purpose of this project is to reconstruct this section of I-83 to achieve a more functional and modern roadway. The secondary purpose of this project is to improve future traffic flow, queuing, and safety performance on I-83 and the interchanges in the 2042 design year.

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The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) began construction on the third early action project in preparation for the I-83 North York Widening. The improvements include replacing the existing bridge carrying Route 462 (Market Street) over Mill Creek, partial ramp reconstruction for the southbound on-ramp to I-83, relocating traffic signal equipment at the intersection of Belmont Street, resurfacing between Belmont Street and North Hills Road, and other miscellaneous construction activities.

The bridge will be replaced using Accelerated Bridge Construction techniques where the site is prepared with minimal disruption to traffic while the bridge is being fabricated offsite in segments. When the site is ready, Market Street will be closed between Belmont Street and North Hills Road for a 5-week period. During this time, the contractor will demolish the existing bridge, finish the site preparation work, and then bring the segments to the worksite for final assembly. The site preparation work began last fall and the bridge was originally scheduled to be replaced under an accelerated five-week schedule last fall, with final paving, line painting and deck treatment planned for the spring of this year.


Material acquisition delays created by the COVID 19 pandemic initially pushed construction to the spring of this year. However, the continued delay in acquiring materials, along with construction constraints, requires this work and associated five-week closure to be pushed out to the fall of this year. A detour will route traffic around the bridge replacement during the 5-week closure.


In addition to issues acquiring construction materials, the bridge can only be closed during the spring or fall due to overhead power lines within the work limits. These power lines must be deenergized to allow for the safe operation of the crane that will be used to set precast concrete components on the new structure. The power lines can only be deenergized during nonpeak energy months.


Delaying the project until this fall does not affect the overall schedule of the larger North York Widening Project, of which the Market Street Bridge Replacement project is part.

Clearwater Construction, Inc. of Mercer, PA, is the prime contractor on this $6,379,000 project. The bridge replacement is expected to be completed in December of 2022.

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